Amp Shoot-Out 3BSST vs. Myryad MA240

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Amp Shoot-Out 3BSST vs. Myryad MA240
« on: 10 May 2004, 07:13 pm »
I brought my 3BSST over to my brother's house to A/B against a power amp he's considering for his system (the Myryad MA240).

He's using a Rotel 975 CD player as a transport driving the MSB III link DAC with upsampling, a Myryad MP-100 preamp and Linn AV-5140 speakers passive tri-wired with Linn K-600.

We listened to the Myryad for a while which was still breaking in.  It sounded tight and solid, with decent detail and information retrieval.  For the money (now discontinued and being blown out by dealers because of distributor changes, but at one time nearly the same price as the 3BSST before the price increase) it is a very good choice for his system.

We then inserted the 3BSST running balanced and I was surprised at how good it was.  I run it single-ended with VanDenHul Integration Hybrid IC's from my VTL TL2.5 at home.

Bass and slam was improved, vs. the MA-240 and there was great soundstaging, and a luscious, organic portrayal of the music that was almost, shall I say it, "tube-like".  From Bryston???

The high frequencies were especially well-revealed and the emotive and communicative aspects of the performances were highlighted in a way that really facilitated one's involvement with the tune.

I came away feeling quite pleased with my purchase of the 3BSST.  It does so many things so very well, and does not have any idiosyncracies that preclude its use with different upstream components and speakers.

Well done Bryston.

P.S. Word has it that the


Amp Shoot-Out 3BSST vs. Myryad MA240
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Word has it that the... huh? Drop the other shoe, man!


Amp Shoot-Out 3BSST vs. Myryad MA240
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What did your brother think?


Amp Shoot-Out 3BSST vs. Myryad MA240
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Quote from: Val
What did your brother think?

If Cost no Object = Bryston all the way.

If Myryad at near dealer cost = Myryad.

The Bryston was nearly double the price of the Myryad and the Myryad was 90% of the 3BSST's performance, not a bad amp really.  It wasn't as detailed and while it was still breaking in had a bit of sibilance and a slight hardness to the midrange.  As it's cooking in my brother says it's sounding better though.

Quality comes at a cost I guess, but that '03 price increase from the good folks at Bryston was a really big pill to swallow.