AntiCables Reference IC

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AntiCables Reference IC
« on: 5 Feb 2012, 04:02 pm »
I will try to keep this some what brief so let's just say I recently found myself needing an IC to go between preamp and power amp.  I was using a Siltech MXT Pro New Yorker which is a great cable in my opinion.  While I was looking I inserted a Transparent IC, either entry or close to it.  As most of you probably find out when looking for cables there isn't a lot of variety locally.  I ran across the AntiCable ad and decided to give them a try. 

I purchased a Reference IC which is made of silver.  These aren't even shown on the website at this point.  Paul Speltz told me he sells word of mouth for a time before putting a product on the site.  He also explained to do silver properly you have to have the correct purity, I think he has found what works.  These also come with Eichmann bullet plugs, basic copper but an upgrade to silver is available, I stayed with the copper.  When I first received the box I asked myself if anything was in it, seemed pretty light, at first glance I was a bit under whelmed from what I was used to seeing cables look like, the AntiCable was two thin solid strands connected to these plastic plugs.Speltz says the reason cables sound different is the dielectric material the various companies use, he says air is the perfect dielectric and only uses a thin layer of red coating.  I read one user mention it was very difficult to sand away so I suspect it's more durable than it looks.  So I inserted the cables to give them a try.  At first I thought the difference was subtle, I was listening for a change in frequency response and as I listened it became apparent what happended was a significant increase in resolution and realism, sounds seemed to pop out at mee more.  I believe the subtle first impression was do to the cables not adding any sound of their own.  As you listen to music you are familiar with you soon realize you are beginning to hear details that wasn't there before and more subtle details are easier to hear.  As to the silver the high end is beautiful with no grain or harshness .  Performance to price AntiCables  are less expensive yet better performance than competitors.  I did prefer the AntiCables to the prior brands used and I compared those to other brands to make a determination to use them.  It isn't hard to find other glowing testimonials and reviews with a search online.  I recommend giving the AntiCables a try and if you don't see what you are looking for just ask because no telling what Paul might have in the works or behind the sceens.  AntiCAbles give a 30 day return policy if not happy with the product.