Herbies Decoupling Gliders or threaded stud gliders under Zu Speakers?

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I use Zu Soul Superfly speakers which are sensitive to plinth gap and I was wondering if anyone has used Herbies products under them.

Both the decouplers and threaded stud gliders look appealing to me.  Can anyone comment on this pairing?

My speakers are on carpet and I do have a toddler, so while I'd like for them to be more movable, I don't wan them gliding THAT easily.  I don't want my placement  being lost every time my son nudges them. 


You answered your own ? since the gliders will be easily nudged. Was a nice uptick in SQ for me over the standard spikes. Decoupled the speaker from the floor and the sound def reflected that.


I ended up putting my DA-RMa's on the gliders; they sit on an area rug over hardwood floor.  With the added weight that I filled my stands with, while they can be moved, but I wouldn't say they are easily moved by a nudge.....so I'm thinking it kind of depends upon how heavy your speakers/stands are (and how strong that little hercules todder is/becomes  :D).



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I'm using the cone/spike decoupling gliders underneath the Soul Superfly speakers.  A nudge is not enough -- you need to hold the speakers steady and balanced with your hands and push with your feet from below.  Or you can push with your hands from the base.  But a nudge will not do the trick; it needs to be quite deliberate and sustained.

I am quite happy with them.


Thanks guys!

I think I'll give one of them a try then. 

Any suggestions as to which one to go with?  The threaded stud gliders seem like they'd be the easier and less expensive solution and I really don't like the spikes the Zus come with.  They're not very stable in place.

Should my carpet affect the decision?

Wily, what surface are you on?


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I initially mounted my Superflys on wood cutting boards with big tiptoes.  I did this so I could easily slide them around on the carpet to find the right position.  I ended up leaving them on the cutting boards because it sounds better than spiking them directly into the carpet.  To my ears, the slot loading works better coupled to a hard wood plinth than coupled directly to carpet.

I came up with a few more Superfly tweaks if anyone's interested...


I'd love to hear any tweaks/suggestions you can make.  I really struggle with placement of these speakers.


Herbie himself said they're the same thing sonically, so I pulled the trigger on some threaded gliders today.

Hopefully they prove to be worth the expense on my carpet. 


They will be... Im certain you will hear the positive differences with your system.


Gopher, did you get the gliders installed? Any change in the sound? I'm still trying to decide on installing similar gliders or using cutting boards under my Superflys, which are also on carpeted floors.


Herbies does have a great return policy, if they don't work well. After talking to Steve about my needs, I haven't returned a thing tho...