New LS 100 w/Phono and KWA 100SE Review by Andy Fawcett of

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Here is a GREAT new revewi by Andy Fawcett, writing for

I want to thank Andy for such a thorough and well written review!

Anyone considering these produces is strongly urged to read this review.  He reviews both pieces thoroughly, including the headphone section of the LS 100 and Phono option!


Dan w.
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Phil A

Dan - great review - I believe here is the direct link to the review -


That is an extraordinarily detailed and thoughtful review. As the pleased owner of the very same pair (ModWright LS100 and KWA 100SE), I am able to vouch for Andy Fawcett's accuracy and impartiality.  Kudos Dan!

(Disclosure: I recently became a dealer for ModWright gear and I am not impartial. I believe ModWright components offer tremendous value and musicality. I became a dealer because of my positive personal experiences with several ModWright components in my system and because of Dan's clearly evident care for his customers.)


Thank you all!