Meddle 2011 Remaster

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Meddle 2011 Remaster
« on: 11 Nov 2011, 01:43 am »
The 2011 re-master of Meddle is conspicuously better than the 1992 version I have.
It is much more harmonically complete as well having better frequency extension at both ends of the spectrum.
 The imaging is more holographically three dimensional and the sound-stage is wider.
My reference for this recording is my vinyl copy of Meddle 1st issue. I like the vinyl slightly better than the CD. It is not a huge letdown to play the CD and the penalty for laziness is well worth paying.  The two recordings do sound a little different from one another but I don't expect even very well done 24/96 remastered analogue recordings to sound equivalent to their vinyl counterparts when down-sampled to the 16bit resolution of the CD medium.
 In summary this 2011 re-master of Meddle is well worth owning and within the context of my system comes quite close to the sound I get from the vinyl copy and I find it just as enjoyable to listen to.
Highly recommended!