2 Channel Music Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Terry Rossen

Room Size
System Overview
It will make you weep with Dead Can Dance or make you bounce around to Godsmack! Plenty of toe tapping and knee drumming! Wide and deep soundstage with sound between, beyond, behind and all around the speakers. The little speakers disapear quite nicely.
Music Preferences
Groove Armada: Lovebox, Hooverphonic, Yello, Sissor Sisters, Stevie Ray, Bonnie R., Zep, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, RCA Shaded Dog collection...too numerous to list. Lots of Jazz old and new. See comment below:
Room Description
Front wall has a pair of MGIIB against the front wall behind the 2 Sapphires XLs, Speakers are 7 feet apart and set out 27 inches. Toe in about 1.5 inches...sweet spot 9 feet back. We have a Rosewood Yamaha Clavinova on the left wall near the speaker. It's a full-bore multitrack recorder for stage shows. Beautiful curved back with Yamaha in white printed on it...but that's against the wall. Typical formal living room with nice sofa against the rear wall and end tables with lamps, Hekman Queen Ann cocktail table between 2 low back plush living room comfy which I can move quickly into my sweet spot! The floor is fully carpeted and we now have no drapes!
Digital Source
Metronome tubed (2-6922)Signature DAC with T-2 Signature Transport.
Analog Source
Basis 2001, Graham 2.2 AJ Van den Hul Frogged MC 10 Special for me and Benz Ruby 3H, Osiris turntable stand. New PS Audio GCPH, AcousTech PH-1
Other Sources
Kyocera cassette player...a goody!
Signal Processors
Hovland HP100 in Gold, no freaking remote!
Power Amp
PS Audio HCA-2 tweaked, Clayton Audio S-40 pure Class A.
New: ACI Rosewood Sapphire XLs on 24" Osiris stands Old: Merlin VSM-Ms Ruby Heart
ACI Rosewood Force XL
Speaker Cable
DH Labs Q-10 bi-wired, but tied together at the speaker terminals.
DH Labs Revelations to the amps, Air Matrix and BL-1 to to the Force XL.
Power Cables
DH Labs PowerPlus!
Stax Omegas, Senn 650s not used anymore in this system. The 650s are used with my iRiver and Zen Micro.
Home built oak stand, PS Audio 300, DH labs Tech 8 Opus Blue AC extender, PS Audio Utlimate Outlet to amps.
Tuning and Tweaks
Granite slabs under amps, and PS 300, 3 Vibrapod balls in cups under amp.