Balls To The Walls, a Home Theater System by nathanm

Room Size
System Overview
Surround sound speaker placement is a pain in the ass. It's a pipe dream for apartment dwellers. People with 30 foot wide\long rooms are much more likely to achieve the desired result. Still, even though the rears are placed wrong it sounds pretty dang good.
Room Description
My living room. It's drywall with a concrete floor and ugly brown carpeting.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Denon DVD-3910
Video Display
Magnavox Hand-Me-Down
Signal Processors
Does an XBox count? Only one game though, Munch's Oddysee.
RE Designs SCPA-1 six channel preamp
Power Amp
NAD S250
Gallo Nucleus Solo (3 pairs)
VMPS New Larger
Speaker Cable
As thick as a firehose and more expensive than a firetruck.
They cost more than your car.
Power Cables
They came in a velvet-lined case with custom security lock code.
DIY flexy rack
Tuning and Tweaks
8 Auralex foam panels glued to melamine boards and hung on walls. Opened and readjusted TV picture with hidden controls. CRTs still rule!