Very musically involving., a Integrated A/V System by 3moons

Room Size
12 by 10 by 8
System Overview
Very musically involving. Have tweaked for 17 years to my satisfaction
Music Preferences
Most but like type
Movie Preferences
Most but like sci-fi, action
Room Description
Bedroom conversion. Used for audio for 17 years
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Panasonc DV-S47
Satellite or Cable
Direct TV
Video Display
Panasonic HDTV
Digital Source
Modified Scott Nixon DAC and MSB III DAC, digital switcher and P1000 PS. Panasonc DV-S47
Analog Source
Modified Rega RB300 with Benz Silver cartridge. Modified Kenwood KT-7550 FM tuner
Signal Processors
Cheap surround used on occasion
Home made Kimmel linestage 6CG7/HEXFET. Chimera Labs CCC copper and RCAs
Power Amp
Heathkit iron and Acrosound TO-300 output trannies. Mullard long tailed pair circuit designed by Walter Delesandri. Chimera Labs CCC copper and RCAs
JM Lab Daline 3.1 may be replaced with Dynaudio Aries
Polk 250 used mostly for HT
Speaker Cable
Vampire Wire CCC
Chimera Labs wire Vampire Wire CCC Audioquest long grain copper
Power Cables
Home made
Pure AV
Tuning and Tweaks