G's humble system., a Two-channel Audio System by G

Room Size
19 x 12 x 9
System Overview
Still a work in progress. Progress has been severely repressed and delayed by evil wife but I do the best I can.
Music Preferences
Old rock and the usual female vocalists (Krall, Jones...etc).
Room Description
Honey Pine tongue and groove paneling and dark green carpet.
Digital Source
Cal Delta (new laser and steper motor) with a Cal Gamma DAC (for the moment).
Other Sources
Cheap Sony DV440 DVD player. For when I am feeling lazy and want to listen to MP3s.
Parasound P/HP 850 (at the moment)
Power Amp
Hand built SE EL34 amp with 5687 in the gain stage and TFA204s at the outputs.
BR Fostex FE206E Full Rangers. In the process of adding baffle step correction filters.
M&K 8 inch sealed. (I have a small listening room). Killer little sub.
Speaker Cable
CAT 5 homemade jobbies. They sound nice.
Cheapies at the moment. I will be using CAT 5 cables here too in the future.
Power Cables
I use the kind that carry electrical current.
Nothing special.
Tuning and Tweaks
Nothing special.