Omnis in the echo chamber, a Two-channel Audio System by unitygain

Room Size
22' x 60' x 9'6
System Overview
INTEGRATED AMP Audia Flight FLS10 SPEAKERS German Physiks Borderland Mk IV DAC Emm Labs DAC2x v2 STREAMER Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 with LPSU TURNTABLE T+A G2000R with built-in MC phono stage CARTRIDGE Ortofon MC Quintet Black S POWER CONDITIONING Torus RM15 isolation transformer CABLES Black Cat Cables (3232 Speaker) Furutech Evolution Digi-II-RCA Coax (streamer>dac) Analysis Plus (Silver Apex XLR, dac>integrated) Synergistic Research Foundation (TT phono stage>integrated) AC Cables by Anti-Cables (Level 3 for PowerPlant/Amp), Audioquest (NRG-4 for TT and Streamer), factory Kimber Kable for Emm Labs DAC
Music Preferences
Classical, Jazz, Electronic
Room Description
Rather open loft space in TriBeCa. Wood floors, some large area rugs. Spare and acoustically imperfect.
Acoustic Treatment
Rugs, Textiles, Paintings
Digital Source
DAC: Emm Labs DAC2x v2 Streamer: Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 with LPSU
Analog Source
T+A G2000R with built-in MC phono stage, Ortofon MC Quintet Black S
Audio Flight FLS10 integrated
Power Amp
Audio Flight FLS10 integrated
German Phsyiks Borderland Mk IV
Speaker Cable
Black Cat 3232
DAC to Integrated: Analysis Plus Silver Apex XLR TT to Integrated: Synergistic Research Foundation RCA Streamer to DAC: Black Cat Coppertone USB or Furutech Evolution Digi-II-RCA Coax
Power Cables
Anti-Cables Level 3 (Amp); Audioquest NRG-4 (DAC); Transparent High Performance AC Cable (Streamer LPSU); Kimber Kable (DAC)
AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon
Power Cond
Torus RM15
Tuning and Tweaks
Isoacoustics Gaia I for speakers