Wireless Streaming to Klipsch Heresy IIIs, a Two-channel Audio System by Tyson

Living Room System
Room Size
System Overview
This is my 2nd system. Wanted a "Rock & Roll" setup I could use in the living/dining area to stream music with my daughter and have spontaneous dance-offs!
Music Preferences
Rock & Roll for this system!
Room Description
Main floor in a 1954 brick Split Ranch style home.
Listening Impressions
The Heresy III's aren't as refined as my Serenity Acoustic Super 7s in the main system downstairs, but they are better for high energy music and getting up and dancing like a madman (of madwoman, in the case of my 12 year old daughter). Shockingly the Heresy III is not shouty or grating in the mids/highs. A big step up over the Heresy II and the Heresy I. The fact that these speakers are designed to sound best up against a wall or in a corner makes them perfect for this type of listening space.
Media Storage
None. All streaming via wifi.
Other Comments
The Almarro A318B is a match made in heaven for the Heresy IIIs. 18 watts of pure SET power. Industrial strength power transformers, along with truly massive output transformers means it puts out crushing bass with the 99db efficient Heresies. To quote House of Pain, it makes me want to "Get Up and Jump Around. Jump Around!"
Digital Source
Wifi Signal -> Chromecast Audio -> Optical Digital Cable -> iFi iOne DAC
iPhone and/or iPad
Power Amp
Almarro A318B with input switch and volume control bypassed (it's purely an amp), plus re-capped with Jupiter Copper Foil Beeswax Paper capacitors.
Klipsch Heresy III
Speaker Cable
Duelund DCA 16GA
ETI and VH Audio DIY
Power Cables
Bolder Cables Nitro