Second Attempt At High End Audio, a Two-channel Audio System by Delta77

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Room Size
15w x 20d x 17h
System Overview
Living room system
Music Preferences
Older rock - CCR, Santana, Eagles, Doors//. Newer Reggae - Stick Figure, Rebelution//. Blues - Clapton, Ect. //. Has to have some " Mello Rythem " to it.. Not too slow or too fast //. Very ocational Older hard rock - Iron Maiden, Black Sabath, Lit, Scorpions....
Acoustic Treatment
None Yet
Listening Impressions
Does most everything, very well (image,keyboards,horns,placement,Voices) I use a sub ,only if I want some real impact , or some heavy bass notes(speakers lack some heavy bass) I need a second matching sub, so the bass is balanced better (next on the shopping list)
Digital Source
Apple TV ( for now ) > Audioquest (Cinnamon) HDMI > OPPO 205 (CDP)
Analog Source
Denon 59L > Ortofon blue > Decware (Zp3)
Signal Processors
Oppo 205 (DAC) >
Decware (CSP3)
Power Amp
Decware (Zen Mystery Amp)
Tekton Design ( Seas Pendragon ) 4 ohm
Tekton Design ( Cinema ) 18" sub. x (1).
Speaker Cable
Cullen Cable. ( Crossover ). Silver/Copper
Cullen Cable. ( Crossover ). Sliver/Copper
Power Cables
Cullen Cable. ( crossover ). Silver/Copper. x(5) (Apple TV, OPPO, ZP3, CPS3, ZMA)..
ZMF ( Auteur- teakwood )
3" Walnut Slab TV Cabinet
Power Cond
Cullen Cable. ( Perfect Plug ) Duplex with filter , & Custom Silver/Copper 10awg ,6 outlet Power Box with filter
Tuning and Tweaks
DYI 3" Walnut Cable elevators( to keep wires separated )