4Play's Audio System, a Two-channel Audio System by 4Play

Room Size
11Ft W x 14Ft L x 8Ft H
System Overview
Integrated Amplifiers ~ Network Audio Player ~ Turntables ~ Speakers
Music Preferences
Blues ~ Classical ~ Jazz ~ Classic and Soft Rock
Media Storage
Marantz NA7004 Network Audio Player
Analog Source
Custom AR XB - AT-440ML/OCC MM ~ AT-MONO3/LP MC ~ Denon DL-110 MC | Dual 1219 - Shure M97xE MM | Denon DP-300F - Ortofon 2M Red
Audio - Harman/Kardon Citation 17 | Headphone - Little Dot MKIII | Phono - ClearAudio Nano V2 ~ Cambridge Audio 640P
Power Amp
Harman/Kardon Citation 19 ~ Jolida JD-202BRC Tube Integrated Amplifier ~ McIntosh MA5100 SS Integrated Amplifier
Focal 806V Bookshelf and Focal S-700 Stands ~ Ascend Acoustics CMT-340SE
Speaker Cable
Emotiva X-Series
Emotiva X-Series ~ Blue Jeans Cable
Power Cables
Standard For Now - Will Be Upgrading Soon
AKG Q701
Ikea Expedit 4x2
Power Cond
Panamax M4300-PM
Tuning and Tweaks
Cork/Rubber Isolation Pads ~ EON TriPad Platter Mat