tubes and vinyl, a Two-channel Audio System by sunnydaze

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System Overview
Digital Source
Raysonic CD128 cdp ~~ building computer based rig w/ hard drive >>> Logitech Squeezebox Touch (w/ Boulder modified PS) >>> EE Minimax "Plus" DAC
Analog Source
TURNTABLE 1: Townshend Rock Mk3 + OL Silver MK3a //// TURNTABLE 2: Eurolab/Scheu Premier mk2 (80mm platter, p/s upgrade) w/ 2 arms: OL Encounter Mk3c, Jelco 750E
Other Sources
CARTRIDGES in rotation: Dyna XX-2 mk2, Shelter 501 mk2, Shelter 501 mk2 (SS retip), Soundsmith Zephyr mk3, Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3 (SS retip), Denon 103R (SS retip)
JuicyMusic Blueberry Extreme mk2 (w/ MM phono); YS Audio Experience A2 - SE Balanced ~~~~ PHONO STAGES: JuicyMusic Tercel mk2 (MM + MC, upgraded Jensen caps); Blue Circle BC27-pi (MM + MC, upgraded Obbligato caps); Tavish Audio Vintage 6SL7 (MM + MC)
Power Amp
Alchemist Forsetti APD20a mk2 Sig; Red Dragon S500; 6as7 SET stereo amp (built 2011 by Peter Vo, EE @ CJ); Will Vincent 6l6 Baldwin Organ Super amp
Sunny Cable Technology H2W10; Vaughn Triodes v1; JM Reynaud Twins Mk3
pair of Gallo CLS-10
Speaker Cable
Morrow Audio SP4
Morrow Audio MA3, MA5; WireWorld Gold Eclipse; Electra E-1; Argent Audio Jaden Signature ~~~~PHONO CABLES: Coincident; Audience AU24 (high Z); Zu Xaus; Morrow PH4
Power Cables
Coincident; Triode Wire Labs 10+
DIY w/ butcher block and 80-20 aluminum
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra (original)
Tuning and Tweaks
Not too much...some cones and Herbies, NOS tubes.
Other Components
INTEGRATED AMPS: Redgum RGI35, Copland CSA-28 , Scott 222-B