Main system, a Two-channel Audio System by Early B.

Room Size
13' x 20' x 8'
System Overview
Low budget, high fidelity
Music Preferences
acoustic, jazz vocals, folk
Room Description
Judge's paneling on all four walls with bamboo wood floors
Listening Impressions
Sounds like music to my ears
Digital Source
Denafrips Avatar Transport; LKS MH-DA004 DAC
PBN Olympia LX preamp (modded with Tent Labs attenuator and 16 0.10uF KFPM Miflex caps) with separate MPS power supply
Power Amp
Liberty Audio B2B 100 monoblocks
Hawthorne Audio OBsession 8 Reference Monitors with fully upgraded crossovers
Two GR Research OB Servo subs each with dual 12" woofers with modded A370 amps up front; a third dual OB servo sub in the front with HX300 amp
Speaker Cable
GR Research custom speaker cables
NBS Master II XLR ICs (4 ft.), Danacable Diamond Reference ICs (2m), Acoustic BBQ digital cable (32 inches)
Power Cables
Elrod EPS-3S, Electra Glide Epiphany X, Virtual Dynamics Testament 2, GR Research B16, and a Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus.
Sanus AV Media Stand
Power Cond
ZenWave Audio 1120-RT SurgeX with three Furutech GTX(R) outlets
Tuning and Tweaks
Furutech GTX-D Rhodium wall outlet, Redpoint Blakhole isolation feet under transport