Captainhemo's 2 ch system, a Two-channel Audio System by Captainhemo

Room Size
18.5' x 12'
System Overview
Music Preferences
A bit of everything, I like it all !
Acoustic Treatment
2 DIY absorption panels at 1st relfection points 2 PI Audio MR T diffusers
Digital Source
3 TB NAS -> Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter SFP
Signal Processors
Mini Server : Intel i7 7700, Intel 128gb M2 2280 SSD running Roon ROCK, soley DSD 256 output to network. Miver Audio Super Stream streamer Fiber -> Mivera Audio Super Streeam. Neotech Silver USB -> PureStream DAC (optimized for DSD 256)
Dodd Audio Variable gain batery powered w/6N30P-DR
Power Amp
Mivera Audio PurePower AS/1200 Prototype (basically all internal components of upcoming SE version) Dodd / Richie battery powered prototype 4 ch amp K&K AAudio 6C33C mon blocks Custom Folsom 7297 (upgraded wire, caps, PS caps, Lundahl transforme
GR Research NX-Otica, upgraded networks GR Research NX Ottica MTM , upgraded networks
GR Research OB H-frames, triple 12" servo controlled subs (SW12-16FR, Rythmik PEQ A370 servo amp /channel gr research OB H-frame , dual 12" servo subs
Speaker Cable
Arkana Physical Research Grey series speaker cables
Arkana Physical Research purple IC DAC->Pre DIY high purity OCC Silver Pre->Amps (both single ended) Neotech silver USB
Power Cables
Marigo Audio Labs Ultra 5 (subs) Onda Riptides (amps)
Power Cond
P.I. Audio Group Mini Buss 60 AH AGM 12V battery w/C-TEK 3300 smart charger