Audio Research - Dynaudio system, a Two-channel Audio System by audiojerry

Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
All forms of acoustical music. Love jazz piano, movie soundtracks
Room Description
basement media room
Digital Source
Classe CDT-1 transport. Modwright Level 2 P-3A, and Monolithic Power Supply. All 3 were further modded by Tritium
Analog Source
Rega Planar 25, Dynavector cartridge, Lehman Black Cube mk 2 with upgraded power supply.
SAS Audio 10A - vacuum tube
Power Amp
Audio Research Corporation VT200 (200 wpc) with Tritium Electronics modifications
ProAc Response 2.5. May not be ideal for everyone, but they have special synergy with the ARC amp.
Yamaha YST SW-205. Amazingly good for 2 channel audio. Seamless and quick. Discontinued, but ridiculously cheap if you can find one on the used market.
Speaker Cable
Ridge Street Audio MSE-Gen II
Ridge Street Audio Poiema
Power Cables
ZuCable Mother
2 OneAc Isolation transformers - one for digital, one for analog. PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, Aurios Media Isolation Bearings, Gasoline Alley dampening mats, Shakti, Triphazers