Small system Big Sound, a Two-channel Audio System by 94cdnm3

Audio & Home Theatre Systems Dec 31, 2009
Room Size
12 x 30
System Overview
Oppo 980H Universal Player/Acer 4810 with KMPlayer via Blue Circle USB Thingee Magnum Dynalab FT-101 tuner Bryston B-60R DA biamped with 2b-lp Totem Arros & Dreamcatcher Sub Black Sand Siver Reference power cable DIY Crump power cable DIY Ven Haus Cotton insulated 99.99% pure Silver interconnects with Eichmann Silver Bullets Brickwall Surge Suppressor/Filter Atlantis 4 tier Audio Stand
Music Preferences
Varied depending on what sounds good to me
Room Description
System is located on one end of a great room measuring 12' x 30'
Acoustic Treatment
Some acoustic foam, rug and sofa cushions
Listening Impressions
Very accurate, transparent and musical. I am very satisfied given the room and the budget constraints ~$4K.
Media Storage
~500 CDs and the 100Gb hard drive on my Acer 4810 notebook
Digital Source
Oppo DV-980H via Bryston DA or Acer 4810 Notebook via Blue Circle USB Thingee
Analog Source
Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner
Bryston B60R
Power Amp
Bryston B60R-sst biamped with Bryston 2B-lp
Totem Arros
Totem Dreamcatcher
Speaker Cable
Sonocable Stradivarious
DIY Venhaus Cotton insulated 99.99% pure silver with Silver Eichmann Bullets
Power Cables
Black Sand Silver Reference Mk V on Oppo, DIY Crump cable on B60R
Sennheiser HD-590 via Bryston B60R
Atlantis 4 tier rack
Power Cond
Brickwall 8 outlet and 2 outlet units
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple plinths and spikes