Big boy´s toys, a Two-channel Audio System by predrag

Room Size
l:8m, w:6m, h: 2,8m
System Overview
I am a hard core Bryston/PMC fan and love this system.
Music Preferences
Blues, rock, jazz, some classical music.
Room Description
This system stands in the center of our family`s living room.
Digital Source
Bryston BCD 1, Bryston BDP 1
Analog Source
Bryston BP 1.5 is waiting for a partner at the moment. It`s probably gonna be Rega RP10/Apheta MC as I had Rega P9/Apheta in the past.
Other Sources
Denon DNP720AE network player. Use it mostly as radio.
Signal Processors
Bryston BDA1 DAC
Bryston BP 26 with MPS 2 power supply
Power Amp
Bryston 2 x 7B SST SQUARED
Speaker Cable
Atlas Ichor Mk11 Biwired
Atlas Elektra All Cu XLR
Power Cables
Furutech TP80e
Rondo Reference

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