RSAD Music Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Ridge Street Audio

Room Size
12.5'W x 20'D x 7.5'H
System Overview
This system really isn't just about enjoying music. It's more about creating a memorable experience. All components and component changes must make that cut before they take up residence in the music room. The presentation is extremely holographic and immediate - the whole back portion of the room becomes the recording venue. Tonal Balance is very good but need to treat the room better to even out the bass a titch. Front to back layering is quite apparent which digital usually has a hard time portraying. Lateral imaging can make the room boundaries disappear if the recording captured the venue size well. No sense of gear playing back music - just very easy to get swept away to a performance. System Approach and Philosophy: Optimized Simplicity.
Music Preferences
Chamber, Baroque, Pop Rock, Jazz, Slam Symphony, Punkabilly and Death Folk. (Genre/Selections): I enjoy most genres but have a particular fondness for acoustically recorded material such as smaller chamber works or Jazz. On the other hand, Big Band can be lots of fun too.
Digital Source
Resolution Audio Opus 21 w/Great Northern Sound Mods
Analog Source
Custom Table and Arm w/BPS & Well Tempered Labs Reference Table and Arm w/Benz M09
Other Sources
Ultra Fi DAC-41 USB DAC served by 2010 MacMini
Power Amp
Two Modified Pass Aleph 3 Amps in a vertical bi-amp arrangement
RSAD Sason Ltd/Si (Primary) Reference 3A MM De Capo i/Modified
Speaker Cable
Alethias! Signature Biwire
Poiema!!! R-v3 Signature / Alethias!! or Enopias! USB Digital Master
Power Cables
Alethias! Signature
Power Cond
RSAD Z-der Block Power Correction Device
Other Components
Exousias RA Opus 21 Umbilical, Xtreme AV Quicksilver Gold Contact Treatment, Extreme AV Liquid Resolution, Machina Dynamica Codename Turquoise, Herbie's Black Hole CD Matts, RSAD Cable Risers, Misc. Room Treatment, Dedicated Cryo'd 220 Lines Split For 120 Balanced AC For Mono Block Amps and Mono Block Phono Stages, Dedicated 120 Cryo'd line for Front End Electronics. Demagnitized Brown Peanut M&Ms pointing South For Resonance Tuning - NOT.

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