Two Channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by low.pfile

Room Size
14ft x 19ft Living Room
System Overview
Two Channel, Rev 2
Music Preferences
Indie Rock/Electronica/Rock/R&B/Blues/Alternative From Cowboy Junkies to Tricky to Jack White to Cesaria Evora to Hot Chip to Underworld to Ane Brun
Acoustic Treatment
....have to work on the treatments
Digital Source
Music Server: 2010 iMac, 2.8GHZ Quad-core Intel i5 / iTunes / OWC Mercury 750GB FW Drive
Analog Source
KAB modified Technics SL1210 MK5se + AT150 MLX cartridge + Heed Quasar phono
Signal Processors
Wavelength Brick V2 DAC + Mortar PS -or- Bellina Pro DAC built-in to the Signature 57 Integrated Amp
Power Amp
Red Wine Audio Signature 57 Integrated Amp
DeVore Gibbon Nines
Martin Logan Abyss
Speaker Cable
Straley Reality cables
Ven Haus Audio Cryo Pulsar silver bullet RCA