Salk SoundScape 8 Two Channel, a Two-channel Audio System by SCompRacer

042015 system
Room Size
15' x 18' open to main level (adds 25' x 20'), 14' ceiling.
System Overview
A two channel system with both digital and analog sources.
Music Preferences
Pretty much anything except gansta type rap.
Room Description
Listening room is actually our living room that is open to main level. 10,000+ cubic feet.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Tri Traps GIK 244 Bass Panel Traps
Listening Impressions
Wow. The best system I have ever owned.
Media Storage
Hard drive based flac, aiff, hi res and DSD. Signature Sonore Server w/Deux Power Supply, SoTM USB card, SoTM sata power filter.
Other Comments
I built a dual mono DAC based on the Twisted Pear Buffalo III DAC's. Dual mono allows for the maximum dynamic range and seperation possible. Shunting power supplies, discrete balanced output, Arduino serial control via remote. The closest to vinly sound that I have got so far.
Digital Source
Hard drive based flac via SB Touch to DIY Buffalo III ESS Sabre 9018 Dual Mono DAC, or laptop USB to I2S. DAC has discrete balanced output, remote control. S/PDIF, USB to I2S/DSD inputs. Denon 3910 modded for I2S (CD)/DSD (SACD) out.
Analog Source
Heavy Plinth Lenco L75 w/MG-1 Air Bearing Linear Tracking Arm. Dynavector Karat 17D3, Denon 103R w/aluminum body.
Audio Research Reference 3. (Just off to the right, plugged in warming up. Never left the rack since...)
Power Amp
Class A Krell KSA-250 (version 2).
Salk SoundScape 8's in black limba.
Two NHT P-12d subs to augment the lower frequencies.
Speaker Cable
Harmonic Technology Pro 9+ internal bi-wire for woofers. HT Pro 11+ for highs.
Analog II balanced, Sanders Sound Systems balanced IC's.
Power Cables
PS Audio
Sennheiser HD650. My DIY DAC has a very good headphone out.
VTI BL404, VTI BL amp stand.
Power Cond
Shunyata (original).
Other Components
Nitty Gritty 1.5FI record cleaner, Gingko Cloud 11 turntable isolation base.