Incessant Odyssey, a Two-channel Audio System by Pirate

swl 90SE tube linestage l
Room Size
12' x 15' x 8 '
System Overview
Music Preferences
Rock /Pop/ Easy listening/ Country/ Classical/ Jazz - Eagles, Chicago, Jimmy Buffett, Toby Keith, Styx, Green Day, Wilson Philips, Diana Krall, Bach, Mozart, Bob Seger, Oingo Boingo , Vivaldi, Various Instrumental solos artists
Other Comments
Ah! Njoe Tjoeb w/ upsampler / Amprex bugle died, replaced with SONY DVP-S9000ES , Extremely close in smoothness of sound but miss the roundness of the notes I think the tubes added. Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player used for non critical extended listening, not close to 9000ES sound. Never able to get the Squeezebox Duet to work and sound good
Digital Source
- SONY DVP-S9000ES Progressive-Scan DVD-V & SACD Player -Logitech Squeezebox Duet Wi-Fi
Other Sources
NAD C440 Tuner - iMac - 4 GB RAM - 2.66 GHz
Modwright SWL 9SE
Power Amp
Odyssey Stratos Extreme
Magnepan 1.7/ Von Schweikert VR2 Signed Edition (was Alberts Personal Tweaked pair) / Ohm Walsh 4 / Odyssey Nightingales
HSU 15
Speaker Cable
Groneberg Quattro Reference
AH! AS Direkt KB8 RCA / Groneberg Quattro Reference/ Wywires Siver RCA/ Wywires silver USB
Sennheiser HD 595
Power Cond
Adcom's ACE-515 AC Enhancer
Other Components
Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player

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