Seeking Perfection, a Two-channel Audio System by 95bcwh

Moscode 401HR
Room Size
System Overview
This setup certainly brings out the best in Salk Veracity HT3 - which is one of the most transparent 3-way speakers in the world. Given the small room size, it is heavily treated at all corners, 1st reflection points, front and rear wall - all with DIY absorption materials. Moscode amp with its hybrid design provide silky smooth high with fluid midrage and uncompromising bass. Inserting a Dodd Battery preamp between the Tact and Moscode brings out more airy high and impactful bass. Virtual Dynamic power cords when used on Tact 2.0S brings out all the midrange details with no harhness. Of all IC's I've tried, the Electra Cable is most transparent, beating some $5000 ICs which I will not name, in fact, I like the Electra Cable so much that I am also using it as digital IC between my source and Tact. Finally, a pair of Acoustic Zen Double Barrel bi-wire speaker cables completes the system and snap everything in place. **Latest update, the Electra IC has been replaced by a VPI tonearm cable.
Music Preferences
Jazz, R&B, Rock, Country, Blues, New Age, Classical.
Acoustic Treatment
27 x 4" panels made with 8lb/ft3 mineral wool materials.
Listening Impressions
The high is clean, smooth, liquid, a lot of details with NO harshness. The midrange has the right balance between accuracy and warmth/richness. Imaging is extremely precise, the edge of intrument/vocal are well defined with excellent separation. Soundstage is very 3-dimensional and holographic. Bass is tight, punchy and heart-thumping. Noise-floor is zero thanks to dedicated lines + Running Springs Haley. Close your eyes and the singer (vocal) appears just inches away, and you'll feel like you are on the stage with the performing band.
Digital Source
Audio Research CD7
Analog Source
VPI Aries-3 with JMW10.5i, Dynavector 20XH cartridge, Dodd Phono Stage
Dodd Battery Powered Preamp
Power Amp
Moscode 401HR
Salk Veracity HT3
Speaker Cable
8ft Acoustic ZenDouble Barrel Shotgun bi-wire
1m VPI tonearm interconnects (RCA) between ARC CD7 and Moscode, 1m Gabriel Gold Rev. (RCA) between Dodd and Moscode
Power Cables
stock power cords on both ARC CD7 and Moscode, replacing the much more expensive Virtual Dynamic Nites
Power Cond
Running Springs Haley
Tuning and Tweaks
Two Herbie's Ultrasonic 9 tube dampers on Dodd