Photon46's system, a Two-channel Audio System by Photon46

Audio Room
Room Size
14' x 20', with 11' ceiling
System Overview
Sources: Acoustic Signature Final Tool with motor upgrade, Grado Master 1 Statement, Ortofon Kontrapunkt H, 3 1/2" thick maple support on BDR cones and Boston Audio graphite footers, Audiomods tonearm with integral silver wiring loom. RCM Sensor Prelude phono stage. Wireworld Eclipse 7 power cord for phono preamp. Boston Audio Tuneblocks under RCM Sensor. Luxmann D-05 SACD/cd player, Luminous Synchestra interconnect, Wireworld Eclipse power cord to cd player. Preamps: PS Audio BHK Signature, Mojo Audio copper ribbon ac cord to pre, Luminous Synchestra Reference interconnect out from preamp to amp. Amps: Mivera AS1200 Takachi kit with Furutech wire/connector upgrades, Wireworld Eclipse power cord to amp. PS Audio P300 modded by Cullen Circuits for phono and Audience Ar1p to DIY distribution block for sources and amp, Wireworld Aurora ac cord Speakers: Tidal Piano Cera speakers, Cryo treated DH Labs Q-10 Signature speaker cable. JL Audio Fathom F112 connected with Wireworld Eclipse 7 xlrs. Billy Bags Pro double wide rack. GIK corner bass traps in junction of walls/ceiling in "plant shelves." 6" GIK bass traps behind speaker's rear ports, GIK Polyfusor diffusor/absorbers.
Digital Source
Luxman D-05 SACD/Cd player
Analog Source
Acoustic Signature Final Tool, Audiomods tonearm, Ortofon Kontrapunkt H, Grado Master Statement
PS Audio BHK Signature, Aloia PST 11.01, RCM Prelude phono preamp
Power Amp
Mivera AS1200 Takachi kit with Furutech wiring/connectors, Decware Zen Mystery Amp II, PS Audio HCA-2 heavily modified by Reference Audio Mods.
Tidal Piano Cera
JL Audio Fathom F112
Speaker Cable
DH Labs Signature Q-10
Luminous Synchestra Reference and Wireworld Eclipse 7 xlrs
Power Cables
Wireworld Eclipse and Aurora on everything except the pre-amp which uses a Mojo Audio copper ribbon power cord.
Billy Baggs Pro Series double wide
Power Cond
Cullen Circuits modified PS Audio P300 for phono and Audience for preamp and cd player
Tuning and Tweaks
Lots of Boston Audio Tuneblocks, Schumann resonance generator, GIK 244 panels and corner bass traps.