Photon46's system, a Two-channel Audio System by Photon46

Room Size
14' x 20', with 11' ceiling
System Overview
Sources: Acoustic Signature Final Tool with motor upgrade, Transfiguration Axia S cartridge, DIY "sandbox" turntable plinth, Audiomods tonearm with integral silver wiring loom. RCM Sensor Prelude phono stage. Furutech FP-SO22n power cord on phono preamp. Boston Audio Tuneblocks under RCM Sensor. Luxmann D-08u SACD/cd player, Luminous Synchestra interconnect, Furutech FP-SO22n power cord to cd player. Preamps: PS Audio BHK Signature, Furutech FP_SO22n ac cord to pre, Furutech FA-Sa22 balanced interconnects to amp. Amp; PS Audio BHK Stereo 250, coupled with DH Labs Super Ceramic Cones to 3 1/2" maple plinth. Plinth has carbon fiber cone feet coupled to Boston Audio graphite feet. PS Audio AC12 cord for amp. PS Audio Stellar P3 regenerator and Furutech FP-TCS31 power cord to feed all front end components. Amp power comes from the wall. Speakers: Tidal Piano Cera speakers, Furutech FA-aS22 speaker cable. Two REL S/3 SHO subs and one JL Audio Fathom F112. DH Labs cryo treated for REL speaker cables. Solid Steel rack. GIK corner bass traps in junction of walls/ceiling in "plant shelves." 6" GIK bass traps behind speaker's rear ports, GIK Polyfusor diffusor/absorbers.
Digital Source
Luxman D-08u SACD/Cd player
Analog Source
Acoustic Signature Final Tool, Audiomods tonearm, Transfiguration Axia S cartridge
PS Audio BHK Signature, RCM Prelude phono preamp
Power Amp
PS Audio BHK 250 Stereo.
Tidal Piano Cera with Stillpoints Ultra SS feet
Two REL S/3 SHO's
Speaker Cable
Furutech FA-aS22
Luminous Synchestra Reference XLR's for everything except pre to power amp. For that, Furutech FA-aS22 balanced cables.
Power Cables
Furutech FA-SO22n & FP-TCS31, and PS Audio AC12.
Solid Steel 6.4 with Boston Audio Tuneblock feet under spikes
Power Cond
PS Audio Stellar P3 regenerator for all front end components.
Tuning and Tweaks
Lots of Boston Audio Tuneblocks, Nasotech VEM spike & shoe, GIK 244 panels and corner bass traps.