Best of Both Worlds, a Integrated A/V System by OTGA

Room Size
18' W X 10' H X 10' (14' at bay window location)D
System Overview
various Red Wine Audio Signature 30/30.2/70.2 amplifiers, Modwright LS 36.5 preamplifier w/Cardas Golden Reference AC & Cardas Golden Reference IC RCA, Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD 2 ch player w/Furutech Absolute Ref AC & Cardas Golden Reference IC RCA, Marantz DV9600 CD/SACD/DVD-A w/Acoustic Zen Tsunami PC, iMod 5th gen, Marantz SR-6001 AVR w/vdH Mainstream PC( multi ch pre/pro/tuner only, amp section disabled), ELAC 208 Anniversary main speakers, ELAC 201 Anniversary center, Mirage 90i rears, Mirage FX8 sub, Cardas Golden Cross L/R biwire spk cables, van den Hul 352 Magnum spk cable biamp centre, Cardas Golden Reference IC( 2 ch source-pre), Golden Cross IC(pre-power), Acoustic Zen Matrix IC(AVR-HTB on Modwright), vdH 102MKIII IC's w/copper Eichmann RCA's (multi ch IC's), Cardas HDMI & Furutech HDMI. Power conditioning via Isotek GII Sub heavily dampened for transformer based power supplies, Furutech TP-609 into an Isotek Mira for SMPS and projector, Sound Fusion Sound Boosters and Vibe Busters, several AudioPrism Quiet Line AC filters and Cardas EMI/RFI caps for RCA and XLR. Speaker cables on Cardas Myrtle blocks. Display is a Mitsubishi HC4900 1080P LCD front projector firing onto an 80" Screen Innovations screen. System located in front of bay window (14' D from rear to front wall) firing from long wall for a near to mid-field presentation.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Marantz DV9600 Universal player
Satellite or Cable
Scientific Atlanta 8300 PVR
Video Display
Mitsubishi HC4900 1080P LCD projector w/Screen Innovations 80
Digital Source
Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD 2 ch, Marantz DV 9600, PS3 80G SACD 5.1 capable & iMod 5th gen
Analog Source
Marantz SR6001 as AM/FM tuner
Signal Processors
Marantz SR6001 configured as multi ch pre/pro via HDMI only
Modwright LS 36.5 tubed preamplifier
Power Amp
Red Wine Audio Signature 30/30.2/70.2
ELAC 208 Anniversary 4ohm
ELAC 201 Anniversary 4ohm
Mirage 90i
Mirage FXR 8
Speaker Cable
Cardas Golden Cross, van den Hul Magnum and 352 hybrid
Cardas Golden Reference, Golden Cross, Acoustic Zen Matrix, van den Hul 102MKIII w/copper Eichmann RCA
Power Cables
Acoustic Zen Tsunami, El Nino, van den Hul Mainstream, Cardas Golden Reference, Furutech Absolute Reference
Power Cond
Isotek GII Sub for transformer based power supplies, Furutech TP-609 into an Isotek Mira for swith mode power supplies and projector, AudioPrism QuietLines and TDK ferrite blockers
Tuning and Tweaks
Sound Fusion Vibe Busters and Sound Boosters, BBC cones, Cardas EMI/RFI caps RCA and XLR, Cardas myrtle blocks, maplewood blocks and generic cones