a little 'Revel' magic ......., a Two-channel Audio System by twitch54

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Room Size
14'6 x 24'6
System Overview
A 2.1 system. My primary intrest is analog but do enjoy well recorded digital as well.
Music Preferences
Classical, Big Band, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, some New Age, Country and Blues.....basically anything but Rap !!!!
Acoustic Treatment
GIK and a combination of DIY
Digital Source
Marantz 'Ruby'
Analog Source
VPI Aries-3, Super Platter, 10.5i arm, Benz-Micro Glider-S, BDR clamp, VPI SDS unit
Audio Research LS-28 ; Fosgate-phono-pre
Power Amp
Pass Labs X260.8 mono blocks
Revel Studio II's
Velodyne - DD-15
Speaker Cable
Signal Cable - Ultra
DIY(analog section), DH Labs, Cat Cables(Silver King Cats)
Power Cables
Signal Cable
Steel tubing (lead shot/sand filled) adj shelving (Wood, TT on 2 " solid maple slab)
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra
Tuning and Tweaks
GIK, Auralex and DIY acoustic treatments throughout
Other Components
VPI RCM (16.5)