GR Research Super 7s - Hotrodded, a Two-channel Audio System by Tyson

Room Size
System Overview
Two Channel system, with 4K HD Projector and 100" screen
Music Preferences
90% Classical
Room Description
Fully finished garden level basement
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Acoustics Art Panels; Custom absorbent Roman Shade window coverings
Media Storage
Everything ripped to several 8tb hard drives.
Digital Source
iFi iDSD Pro
Galusha Audio Preamp - 6SN7 driver & 6BL7 outputs with Lundhal Transformers and a Tent Labs volume control
Power Amp
Dennis Had Inspire MB14 SEP Monoblocks; Almarro A318B SET; TAL Korneff Type 45 SET; First Watt Burning Amp 3; Elekit TU 8233 2a3/300b SET (alternate depending on my mood)
Serenity Acoustics Super 7 with Jupiter Copper-Beeswax caps and Jantzen Copper Foil Paper-Wax inductors
4 x 12" Rythmik Audio OB Servo subwoofers built into the Super 7s
Speaker Cable
VH Audio Chela
VH Audio Pulsar
Power Cables
Bolder Summit
Beyerdynamic Tesla T1s; Alclair Curve IEM's, Etymotic ER-3XR IEMs, Sensaphonics 2X-S IEMs
Salamander Maple rack
Power Cond
PS Audio P5; Bybee Power Conditioner
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's Halo Tube Dampers