My living room toys, a Two-channel Audio System by some young guy

APL Hi-Fi modified Bada DC222 - This amp is a hybrid using two ECC99 input tubes and solid state output. It's the best amp I've ever heard... bar none!
Room Size
12.5 x 17 x 8.5
System Overview
Over the past 20 years, my system has evolved into a very simple single digital source, amp and speakers. I never thought I'd go with an integrated, but once I heard this one, I couldn't help myself. It's highly resolving and very natural.
Music Preferences
Classical, big band, little band, jazz, latin, salsa, el son, reggae, dub, rock, metal, ska, twist, stripper, rap, old school, new school, blues, house, ambient, hip hop, trip hop, bangrah, jungle, alternative, world, symphony, marching band, new wave, old wave, surf, jonnie cash, lounge, bossa nova, brazilian, chill, electronica, exotica, harmonica, funky, punky, junky, whatever, i pretty much dig it all.
Acoustic Treatment
I use four Corner Busters and I have a desire to play around with some more treatments as well as Acoustic Resonators.
Listening Impressions
This system excels in playing music in a very realistic way. It's extremely natural and linear. The imaging is down-right scary. Since adding the APL amp, I think I finally discovered what this player and speakers are capable of. It makes me very happy and I find it difficult to turn it off.
Media Storage
Digital Source
•APL Hi-Fi re-designed Denon 2900 w/ 32 bit DAC board, 211KHz up-sampling and an ECC99 tube stage
Power Amp
•APL Hi-Fi UA-S1
•Totem Acoustics Hawks with Onix Extended Response Tweeters
Speaker Cable
•DNM solid core copper
•DNM solid core copper with Eichmann silver bullets
Power Cables
•2 Elrod EPS 3 Signatures •1 Elrod EPS 2 Signature
•Grounded DIY Flexy rack with 1.75" maple shelves
Power Cond
•Isoclean 105F II
Tuning and Tweaks
Lot's of natural wood, Cerapucs, Ceraballs, DIY maple sandbox, Tip-toes, Herbie's Super Sonic Stabilizers & Herbie's Virgin PEEK tube Halo Dampers, cryoed Oyaide R-1 and Thingamaknobs!