Paul's 2 channel audio system, a Two-channel Audio System by Occam

Paul Kaplan System 28
Room Size
15 x 28 x 8
System Overview
Room Description
Walls are plaster and horsehair. Bay window in back of speakers.
Acoustic Treatment
Rugs, , furniture, clutter
Listening Impressions
Media Storage
Expedit Ikea shelving units for LPs. AKA 'Tilty'
Digital Source
E.A.R. Acute III cd player/dac
Analog Source
Galibier Serac w ClearAudio RB250, Phase Tech MC cartridge
Other Sources
Apple MacAir running JRiver
Signal Processors
Hagerman/S&B MC Step Up Transformer
Convergent Audio Technology CAT SL1,
Power Amp
Aksa Lifeforce / Ncore 400
Marten Miles II with Accuton drivers just replaced my beloved Alon IVs of 20+yrs
Speaker Cable
Waveform Fidelity GS mk3 + WF jumpers
Waveform Fidelity GS mk3
Power Cables
Waveform Fidelity GS mk3, both High Current and Source versions
Power Cond
Waveform Fidelity Alchemist
Tuning and Tweaks
BDR cones, Walker Valid Points, Stillpoints, Herbie's Spike Decoupling Gliders
Other Components
Each component save for the CAT pre and Ncore 400 amp has its own dedicated power filter, specific for its needs, internal to the Alchemist Conditioner. All are fed by a single 6' dedecated circuit terminated with 1 Kaplan Cable modified HBL5262, 1 stock HBL5262 and 1 Teslaplex duplex outlet.