Basement Budget System..... Odyssey+Plinius+Aero, a Two-channel Audio System by kali77

Basement budget sound: Odyssey Aero Plinius
Room Size
22'L 16'W 9'H roughly
System Overview
First real mid-hi fi rig. I am in absolute sonic bliss.
Music Preferences
Reggae, Bluegrass, Jazz, Afrobeat, Acoustic
Room Description
Next project is going to be acoustic treatment
Listening Impressions
Really happy right now with the sound I am getting with this combo right now.
Other Comments
Unfortunately this room doubles for movies from time to time, which is why there is the HK receiver and tyler acoustic speakers.
Digital Source
Audio Aero Prima MKII
Power Amp
Plinius 8200MKII
Odyssey Lorelei's
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II
Power Cables
2 Acoustic Zen Tsunami
Power Cond
Custom Power Co. Top Gun conditioner
Tuning and Tweaks
timbernation walnut speaker platforms