Left of the Dial, a Two-channel Audio System by The_KiD

Updated config
Room Size
24 x 18
System Overview
This system of mine has been through some changes. Many of the various setups can be seen in my photo gallery. The one thing that has stayed consistent is the Sonus Faber Speakers. I love that "Sonus Sound". Also the EMC-1UP just has an amazing presence and total control of the music. Not to mention, it just sounds HUGE in my system. In it's current configuration, the system is very pleasing. It really does everything well and you can listen for hours without fatigue. Truly the most enjoyable system I have ever owned.
Music Preferences
I mainly listen to Rock & Roll but love music in general. On any given evening I will listen to a variety of music. It can range from WEEZER, Ryan Adams, Social Distortion, to Tori Amos, Pink Floyd, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to Van Halen, Raconteurs, Stereophonics, you name it...
Room Description
Not an ideal room as it has two doors and is an odd shape. However the system works well and always overcomes..
Acoustic Treatment
YES! I have a Large area rug on the main wall to dampen things and varies SONEX Foam panels throughout the room on the side walls.
Listening Impressions
Extremely Musical with All Sorts of BLOOM and PRAT. The really great thing about my current set up is you can listen for hours on end and the system literally draws you in and does not let you go.... Truly intoxicating..
Media Storage
I have a large CD Rack that holds 1500 CDs. I also use a WD hard drive for my MP3 collection which is enjoyed through the Squeezebox which plays through the ECD-1 DAC.
Other Comments
Thanks for visiting!
Digital Source
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Up with Spider Clamp
Other Sources
Squeezebox 3
Signal Processors
Electrocompaniet ECD-1
Power Amp
Unison Research UNICO SE
Sonus Faber Grand Piano HOME
Speaker Cable
XLO Signature 2
XLO Signature 2 Ineterconnects / Harmonic Tech Platinum XLR Digital Cable for Transport / Canare Digiflex on Squeezebox
Power Cables
Shunyata Taipan Helix VX on EMC-1UP / XLO Reference 2 10A on ECD-1 / Audience PowerChord on Amp
Sennheiser HD-600
Target B-5 Rack
Power Cond
Straight to the Wall / Quad HUBBELL OUTLETS Installed
Tuning and Tweaks
Spider Clamp used on EMC-1UP