The Obsession, a Two-channel Audio System by Vr3

Room Size
System Overview
I started this hobby back in 2002. Purchased some Polk RT35i, a Sony receiver and a cheapy CD player. That lasted two weeks. It has been a downward spiral ever since. Several Polk speakers, several amps from Adcom to B&K, receivers, preamps, the whole nine yards. It all adds up to where I am right now in 2007. It has been a fun ride and I have enjoyed every twist and turn. So far I am really enjoying my current rig. And soon will have Mono blocks and a second subwoofer added. So it is only getting better.
Music Preferences
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical
Listening Impressions
Wide staging, lucious mids -- tamed highs, but detailed.
Media Storage
... A CD Binder?
Other Comments
I like it!
Digital Source
Sony F Series Laptop (Blu-Ray)
Analog Source
Symphonic Line Klarheit II
Other Sources
XBox 360
Signal Processors
Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH
Odyssey Audio Candela
Power Amp
Odyssey Audio Kismet Reference Monoblocks
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Super Towers (Modified, external crossovers)
Custom VMPS Larger Clone with TC Sounds woofers.
MIT Shotgun S2
Power Cables
DIY 12/3
Lovan Amplifiers Rack
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
Crossover Modifications
Other Components
2nd Mains - Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference II (Modified External Crossovers) Center - Def Tech SM450 (Modified Crossovers) Surrounds - Def Tech SM450 (Modified Crossovers)