Audiovoice, a Two-channel Audio System by ipy

Components Jul 07 2
Room Size
15.6 x 10.5 x 8.0
System Overview
Strengths: Musical, life size & transparent. Weakness: Room size?
Music Preferences
Jazz/Pop/Country/Blue Grass/World Music
Room Description
Carpeted. Plantation shutters (cedar) covering window on the left/centre of room length. Door on the right to the sweet spot. Door open when playing music sounds best.
Acoustic Treatment
Realtraps, Auralex, Shun Mook & Roomlens
Listening Impressions
Musical, life size & transparent
Media Storage
Maxtor 500GB HD plus back-up
Digital Source
Bolder's Digital Modified SB3 & PS Ultimate Mk II with Bybees
Other Sources
Modded Rotel RCD-1070 with Superclock II, DBE digital output, Rubycon's caps, deadening damping sheets & diodes upgrades
Signal Processors
DPA Enlightment DAC with Rubycon's caps & diodes upgrades
Herron VTSP-3
Power Amp
Conrad Johnson Premier 350SA
Focus Audio FS788
Speaker Cable
JPS Aluminata
Cardas Golden Reference & JPS Aluminata
Power Cables
JPS Kaptovator & Black Sand Silver Reference MKV
Power Cond
PS Audio P1000
Tuning and Tweaks
Various Symposium isolation, Cable Towers lifters, Hal-O tube dampers, Acoustic Revive RR-77, RGC-24 & QR-8.