Music Room One 2 CHANNEL Audio System, a Two-channel Audio System by John Casler

Room Size
System Overview
Always in a state of change and tweaks come and go.
Music Preferences
Most all
Room Description
System set up on "long" wall to eliminate side reflections and improve soundstage and imaging. I have liberal use of 24"x48"x3" Acoustic Foam (100 sq feet) placed strategically
Digital Source
ONIX CD-99 w/AudioQuest EagleEye Digital Cable
Analog Source
Denon DP-755 Turntable/Shure SME 3009 Series III Tone Arm//Intergra Parasound Phono Preamp/Shure V15VXMR Cartridge
Signal Processors
NHT X2 Crossover
Bryston BP26DAC preamp/DAC combo, with MPS2 PowerSupply
Power Amp
Son of Ampzilla or NuFORCE Ref 9's > BCSE RM40 CITATION 17= Larger Sub
VMPS BCSE RM40's in Macassar Ebony
2 pair VMPS Larger (filtered at 30Hz)/NHT X2 crossover
Speaker Cable
AudioQuest Volcano w/DBS and AudioQuest Pikes Peak to LARGER Subwoofer
AudioQuest Cheetah w/DBS system XLR from Preamp to AMPAudioQuest EagleEye Digital from CD1 to DACAudioQuest Jaguars - from SACD to Pre AudioQuest Cheetahs from Phono Pream to BP26
Power Cables
AudioQuest NRG-2's on all Power Amps, AudioQuest NRG-1 on DVD player, AudioQuest NRG-5 on BP26DA, AudioQuest NRG-3 on CD1AudioQuest NRG-5 to CD player, and NRG-2 to OLIVE MUSICA
Sennheiser HD-580
Cryo'd Hubbell Outlets with 20Amp Circuit, Son of AMPzilla and CineNova amps on Skylan Amp Stands. and NuFORCE Ref 9.02 amps on Custom Stands
Power Cond
BPT Signature 3.5
Tuning and Tweaks
Stereo Larger SUBs run through NHT X2 X-over,Cable and Cord Elevators,Custom cable dampers,Faux LEDE room,Liberal use of Acoustic Room TreatmentsSound Isolated listening Chamber open only to front.
Other Components
Room is well covered with Acoustic Treatments. All listening is performed in a well acoutically isolated "Listening Chamber" that effectively damps most High and upper mid frequencies. Subs are arranged in "push/push" system, with front pair in a "flanking" ITU formation outside the RM30 Mains firing at the listener, and the rear SUBS are right behind the listening chamber firing away from the listener to the rear.