Zybar's dedicated audio space, a Two-channel Audio System by zybar

Audio Room July 2011
System Overview
My attempt at an all-out assault on SOTA within a somewhat sane budget.
Music Preferences
Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Blues
Room Description
The previous owners used these two rooms as their formal living room and dining room. The "front" part of the room has an opening on the left side to the two story foyer. The "back" of the room has a open doorway into the kitchen with a bank of windows on the right side.
Acoustic Treatment
Generous amounts of room treatments from are used throughout the space: 8 - Minitraps 6 - Tri-Corner traps 2 - Mondo traps 3 - Diffusors
Digital Source
AuraLic VEGA DAC being fed by a dedicated intel based music server via USB
Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK 3.2 with NOS 6SN7 tubes
Power Amp
Hypex Ncore NC400 mono blocks
Vandersteen 5A's in Birdseye Maple
none - 5A's have built in subwoofer with EQ
Speaker Cable
Morrow Audio SP4 (two independent runs)
Morrow Audio SP6 and SP4 xlr ic's
Power Cables
Kaplan Cable (Conditioner Cords Copper and Rhodium)
Sistrum SP-4 Platform, Sistrum SP-004 for the Uber Buss
Power Cond
Pi Audio Uber Buss with Kaplan Cable Copper Cord, Furman IT Ref-20i with Kaplan Cable Copper Cord