Audio, sorry two of three subwoofers not shown, a Two-channel Audio System by JLM

Room Size
21 ft x 13 ft x 8 ft
System Overview
Room dimensions based on Cardas recommendations (Fibonacci ratios) with mid-field listening position. The single driver speakers are supplemented with (3) 10 inch subs carefully placed near the corners to provide dispersed bass sources. NAD M10 provides all sourcing (flash drive and Tidal via ethernet).
Music Preferences
Mostly jazz and classical small ensembles, but can range to symphonic, classic rock (50s - 70s), pop (50s-60s), historic jazz, easy listening, latin, and new age.
Room Description
This is my study, weathersealed/insulated exterior fiberglass door, insulated double staggered stud walls that adjoin storage spaces, flexible/insulated ductwork to the room, insulated ceiling, drywall walls/ceiling, short nap carpet and pad on concrete slab, no windows (basement). Three tall randomly filled bookcases line the side walls act as diffusers. 2.5 ft x 4 ft notch into the back of the room. Front of the room is audio, rear is my office.
Acoustic Treatment
Six GIK 244 "full range" 2ft x 4ft panels set up along front, rear, and side walls plus four GIK 244 "range limiter" 2ft x 4ft panels straddling the front corners to address primary room dimensional echo (54 and 87 Hz).
Listening Impressions
The high level of coherent and detailed sound has great tone with precise imaging. The subs provide all the deep bass needed relatively free of peaks and dips.
Media Storage
Techline 36"W x 30"H x 18"D cabinet with three full extension drawers can hold 750 CD's (located in another room since all music is ripped/saved as Tidal favorites).
Other Comments
Three 20A audio dedicated circuits, each serve a single 20 amp cryo'd hospital grade Hubbell duplex receptacle. The three circuits are tied to a separate grounding rod. Underground electrical service to the house has its own transformer. House built in 2005 in a very small rural subdivision with all 20A circuits/12 gauge wiring and house wide surge protection. All 2005 or newer appliances. Whole house standby generator added in 2016. All this electrical power stuff either came with the house or was based on a 'while I'm at it' mentality. After nearly 50 years at this, don't believe in simple tweaks and don't much believe in differences in wires.
Digital Source
NAD M10 via flash drive and ethernet
Analog Source
Other Sources
Power Amp
NAD M10 (100wpc of modded Hypex/Ncore design)
Brines Acoustics FTA-2000, commissioned in 2004. Floor standing transmission line ala Martin King's MathCad application using Fostex F200a 8 inch AlNiCo extended range driver (no whizzer). Drivers have received EnABL treatment from the inventor, Bud Pur
Three for dispersed bass sourcing. Two are PreSonus T10 professional 10 inch ported. Third sub is a purchased DIY: Creative Solution SD X10 10" servo woofer (Fs = 26Hz); SD 300 amp; 13" cubic mid/bass design.
Speaker Cable
Custom made
Power Cables
Whatever came with the gear.
Timbernation 2 shelf rack.
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
None, have never found any to be effective.
Other Components
Ear protection for use around power equipment.