2-channel system - Long Term Solution, a Two-channel Audio System by Carlman

sub smilin
Room Size
15W x 27L x 8.5H
System Overview
Everything in my system has been modified to tailor the sound as detailed and natural. I don't like super detailed highs; I like the details to come together to form what musical elements actually sound like. My system achieves this to as much of a degree as I could hope for within my means. I'm at the limit of what the recording process allows me to 'experience'. If I want for more, I just need to start a band and do the real thing.
Music Preferences
Melodic, spiritual, trippy, ethereal, visceral, and more. Radiohead's most recent albums have moved me a bit. There's so much out there to explore; not sure where I am on preferences these days.
Room Description
Dedicated room in basement; 3 walls are concrete backed with Earth. Framed wall and ceiling using RSIC clips to isolate entire room from the rest of the house. Subfloor installed with Delta air pocket liner.. Double layers of sheetrock with green glue between, 1/2" and 3/8", overlapping joints. Fiberglass insulation throughout... soundproof door installed, theater seating, used all cryo'd and dedicated 20A outlets, etc. (I went 'all out')
Acoustic Treatment
Using custom panels with diffusion and absorption on all the walls and ceiling... Also, bass traps in all corners.
Listening Impressions
The room sounds pretty good.. it's not too dead or lively, just right.. There is a bass peak I'm trying to fix now... Seems to stack in the back of the room. It doesn't effect the primary 2 listening positions so I'm not too worried about it.. but it does bother me a little.
Digital Source
LH Labs VI DAC Audio PC as transport (2G Intel P4, EAC to rip to .flac, Foobar for playback)
Analog Source
Old Sony direct drive table and an EE Minimax phono pre
Belles 21A
Power Amp
McIntosh MC402
Piega C8 Limiteds, new crossover design by Rick Craig; new tweeters rebuilt by Piega
Custom made by Richidoo, for HT only.. see photo ;)
Speaker Cable
JPS Labs SuperQ
JPS UltraConductor
Power Cables
Black Sand Cable Statement 1, Silver Ref, Chromium
ADL 118 and 128's with an ADL preamp/DAC - The ADL 118 is the best value in headphones I've ever heard.