My straightforward 2-channel system..., a Two-channel Audio System by jt1stcav

Room Size
13.5L x 12W x 8H
System Overview
A straightforward stereophonic audio system.
Music Preferences
Classical compositions (especially those written for the pipe organ), blues, jazz, and classic '60s, '70s, and some '80s rock.
Room Description
Too damn small!
Digital Source
Cambridge Audio azur 640C 24-bit/192kHz CD player.
Analog Source
Technics SL-1700MK2 direct-drive semiautomatic turntable. Stanton 981HZS professional calibrated MM cartridge. Music Hall mmf-phono pack MM/MC phono preamp.
Other Sources
Nakamichi DR-1 3-head cassette deck.
BEZ Model Q4B 6SN7 SRPP linestage preamp. NOS '50s RCA 6SN7GTB blackplates, 1958 RCA OC3 & 1967 RCA OD3, '50s Mullard GZ30.
Power Amp
BEZ Model T3B 300B class-A SET stereo power amp. NIB 2003 TJ 300B/n meshplate anode globes, NOS '40s Canadian Westinghouse 6K7Gs, '50s Mullard GZ37.
Klipsch RB-75 Reference Series 2-way horn monitors.
Dayton Audio DLS300-632 10" powered subwoofers (2).
Speaker Cable
Canare Star Quad 4S11.
Mandaville Grounded (DIY) interconnects from amp/preamp/subs. MagWire Naked interconnects used for all sources.
Power Cables
SignalCable MagicPower and DigitalPower-HC AC power cords.
Haropa 13SVG glass and steel AV rack. Atlantis Pro 28" speaker stands.
Power Cond
Monster Power Reference PowerCenter HTS 5000 line conditioner.