Great 2-Channel Audio plus movies in 1 system , a Two-channel Audio System by fplanner2000

VR-9SE Mk2 with upgrades and 20 yr warranty
System Overview
This is my living room complete with big dogs, sliding glass door, sloped ceiling, big doorways, etc. Sounds surprisingly good considering the obvious audio challenges
Music Preferences
Jazz, new age, pop
Room Description
Acoustic Treatment
Echobuster bass traps in front corners.
Listening Impressions
New Esoteric P-02/D-02 are great. New VAC Statement 450 IQ mono amps are now breaking into the system. Amp search is over. Another WOW. Incredible amps. More break-in required but the dynamics, inner detail and sense of unlimited power are really something special. A lifetime purchase I had the opportunity to make. :-) Full Mk2 upgrades to VR-7's included addition of 14 by-pass V-Caps, totally new Delphi internal wiring and new midrange drivers. Result is a huge jump in transparency, musicality, resolution and detail. Like new, much better speakers. Long break-in period ahead, but they already sound much better than before. Albert has outdone himself. Yet another WOW!
Media Storage
Boltz CD racks
Other Comments
Through a number of recent upgrades as explained above, the system has gotten WAY BEYOND anything I had ever dreamed was possible 10 years ago when I started this "hobby". Great synergy between all the components and I feel very fortunate to be able to listen to and own a system of this level. Amps and speakers have hundreds of break-in hours to go - I look forward to this process, as I know the gradual transformation into something truly outstanding awaits.
Digital Source
Esoteric P-02/D-02
Other Sources
Oppo - BDP-105
Signal Processors
Integra 80.2 Pre/Pro
VAC Signature MkIIa - tubes
Power Amp
Vac Statement 450 Mono-block IQ amps w/separate power supplies
Von Schweickert VR-9SE(last pair built)w/full Mk 2 upgrade (V-CAP upgrade to mids and tweets; full internal wiring upgrade and new midrange drivers = Mk2 upgrade. Legacy Focus 20/20 as rears for movies - Legacy Silver Screen - center for movies only
Velodyne DD-15+
Speaker Cable
High Fidelity Ultimate Reference
High Fidelity Ultimates
Power Cables
Hi Diamond (Italy) p-4's(5) and P-3(1)
Sunfire Theater Grand Signature- drives center and rears for movies
Billy Bags Pro w 3/4
Power Cond
2 PS Audio P-10 power regenerators
Tuning and Tweaks
2 dedicated 20 amp lines, SR Tranqiuility Base; SR Speaker Cells
Other Components
70" Elite Flatscreen; Oppo BDP-105