Sasha's Pass, a Two-channel Audio System by KJ

System 2014
Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
Blues, acoustic guitar, jazz, live recordings.
Room Description
Carpeted great room w/ cathedral ceiling that consists of a front left opening to an adjoining room and stone walled fireplace located central right. Supporting floor structure consists of 60% concrete slab (rear portion) and 40% concrete crawl space (front portion) with mdf sub floor layered across each.
Acoustic Treatment
2 GIK Elite Bass Pillars, 6 GIK 242 Acoustic Panels, 4 Ready Acoustics Chameleon C2 High Frequency/Noise Absorption Panels, 6 Ready Acoustics Chameleon Super Sub Bass Traps. Full acoustic analysis and treatment design performed by HdAcoustics (Jeff Hedback).
Listening Impressions
Tight and focused imaging. Clean and detailed with just a dash of warmth, but plenty of texture.
Media Storage
Synology DS
Digital Source
Roon Nucleus+
Signal Processors
Purity Audio Design Ultra GT w/ Bugle Boy long plate 12AU7s.
Power Amp
Pass Labs XA-160.8 mono blocks
Wilson Audio Sasha v1
JL Audio Fathom f212
Speaker Cable
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7
Power Cables
PI Audio Group Mongos
Solid Tech Radius Duo3 w/ Radius spikes
Power Cond
PI Audio Group UberBUSS w/ PowerCon Mongo, Pass & Seymour outlets for amps, Furutech for front end; PI Audio Group DigiBUSS for digital front end
Tuning and Tweaks
IsoAcoustics Gaia III, PS Audio Power Port Premier (cryo'd)