Audio Nirvana? Not yet..., a Two-channel Audio System by Sonny

Room Size
18x60x14 (W x L x H)
System Overview
Nice mix of DIY components and manufacturer's gear...
Music Preferences
Jazz, Classical, Vocals, Chorale, Rock / Pop
Room Description
Loft living...high ceiling, long room, lots of concrete and walls, as you can imagine, absorption built and used including Jon Risch's bass traps...
Acoustic Treatment
DIY panels with 1" thick fiberglass boards in ceiling and walls.
Media Storage
Boltz CD racks and Ikea Expedite racks for LPs
Digital Source
Marantz SA-11S2
Analog Source
Custome Steel Plinth/ Stainless Steel Motor Pod / JMW-10.5i / Shelter 901 / Benz Ruby Z/ Classic Aluminum Platter / Rim Drive
Other Sources
Squeeze Box Touch via Schitt Bifrost DAC
Signal Processors
Marchand BASSIS (Bass Eq.) and XM9 XO
Pass Labs X1
Power Amp
Pass Labs X250 (mains) Adcom GFA555 (Subs)
DIY GeerS eVe II (All Scan Speak Drivers)
Hsu Research HRSW-10 (cabinet only) with Dayton 10
Speaker Cable
Zu Wax/Julian
DIY (Sweet Spot Reveal Copper and Reveal Silver)
Power Cables
DIY 12 guage with Wattgate IEC connectors
Musical Fidelity X-CAN Modded
Salamander Synergy
Power Cond
Monster HTPS-7000
Other Components
Sennheiser HD650, VPI 16.5 RCM,