2 Channel, a Two-channel Audio System by DARTH AUDIO

Room Size
System Overview
BIG SOUND.. Warm, Lush, Dynamic, Detailed, Huge Soundstage, Musical
Music Preferences
Jazz, Classic Rock, Prog Rock
Room Description
Condo living room
Acoustic Treatment
Shakti Hollograph Room Optimizer
Digital Source
Aurender N100H, PS Audio Directstream DAC (Upgraded by the Upgrade Company)
Signal Processors
Rives PARC (Upgraded by the Upgrade Company)
Power Amp
David Berning ZH-270 (Upgraded by the Upgrade Company)
Von Schweikert VR-35's
Speaker Cable
Audio Art SC-5 Bi-Wire
Audio Art SE-5 Ultimate , Curious Cable USB Cable
Power Cables
Pangea Audio AC-9 on Amps, Pangea AC-14,
Sanus Audio Rack
Power Cond
BPT 2.5, PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase
Tuning and Tweaks
All Herbie's Audio Lab Isolation Devices, Timbernation Platforms, Cable Elevators.
Other Components
iPad for Aurender Conductor App