JAZZ, a Two-channel Audio System by sturgus

System - Speakers, Amps, Crossovers, and Subs. Room treatments
Room Size
System Overview
I have had this system in place for a while and really no desire to change.
Music Preferences
Jazz (70%) Classical (20%) Other (10%)
Room Description
Basement room w/stone walls on 3 sides Drywall ceiling Area rug
Acoustic Treatment
John Risch diy Bass traps Gik diy Bass panels
Media Storage
DIY CD Rack / Ikea for Vinyl
Digital Source
Slim Devices SB3 , Pioneer PD-75 ( Transport ) Musical Design DAC-1
Analog Source
VPI HW19 MK4 W/ TNT platter SAMA ,SDS /Lustre801/Koetsu Rosewood/Linn-LP12/Audiomods/Nagaoka 500/Denon Dp755/AQ-PT-9/Grado Sig 8mz
Other Sources
SAE Tuner
Musical Design SP-1 Platinum w/ outboard P/S. Musical Design Phono Stage ( tube) Graham Slee Accennsion mm/Elavator XP head-amp/ Era Gold V mm
Power Amp
Aronov 9100 mono's W/ Musical Concepts Platnium mods EI KT-90s
Merlin VSM/Basic W/ BAM ( Musical Concepts mods )
Dahlquist DQ-1's(pair) DQ-LP1 Electronic Crossover Musical Design D-150 amp
Speaker Cable
JPS Labs Super Conductor and jumpers 12ga Soundking for Subs
DIY/Canare GS-6 Digital Canare L-5CFB W/BNC SME tonearm cable Straightwire Microtwin tonearm cable 1877 Sport phono cable DIY tonearm cable w/Canare GS-4
Power Cables
Soundstring / DiMarzio / Pangea
Power Cond
Topaz Isolation Transformer/ 2 20amp lines BPT line conditioner Triplite
Tuning and Tweaks
Tiptoes / AQ feet / Vibrapods
Other Components
VPI HW-17 RCM AI cleaning fluids