Biamped Maggies, a Two-channel Audio System by steve k

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Room Size
System Overview
Detailed with good soundstaging. Vinyl sounds wonderful with tubes and maggies!
Music Preferences
Jazz, classical, world, rock, bluegrass, or just about anything but rap.
Room Description
One end of finished basement. Drywall walls and ceiling, padded carpeting over concrete slab.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY wood quadratic diffusor on front wall, corner traps and fabric wall hangings on rear wall.
Listening Impressions
My system has evolved from solid state to all tubes to the current setup of tube preamp, Class D amp on the mids/highs and Class D amp on the bass. As much as I love the sound of tubes, I think the Class D amps are the wave of the future in that you get the warmth and detail of tubes with a totally black backgound and much lower noise floor. Hence, more detail. With Class D on the bottom, the bass is much tighter, faster and gripped better than with tubes on the bottom. I'ved always battled brightness and edginess in my system thinking it was the true ribbons but my system couldn't sound sweeter or more musical than it does in its current configuration.
Digital Source
Squeezebox 3 with Acopia PS...REGA Apollo R CD Player as transport with Museatex Bitstream DAC with latest mods by John Wright
Analog Source
VPI HW19 with TNT 3.3 platter with Audiomods Series 4 arm and Denon 103R MC cartridge, VPI SDS Speed Controller and Sutherland Ph3D phono preamp
VTL 5.5 preamp
Power Amp
Biamp with Class D Audio 400 watt stereo amp on the mids and highs; Class D Audio 600 watt stereo amp on the bass panels with Dahlquist LP-1 active crossover
Heavily modified Magnepan MG-IIIA's rebuilt with new outboard mid/hi crossovers with Alpha Core Inductors and Russian mylar caps/Reversed the mid/bass panels/silver plated copper internal wiring/Mye Stands with sand ballast/through-bolted all drivers
Speaker Cable
Audioquest GBC on the bass, Shunyata Zitron Anaconda on the mids/highs
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway II's, Blue Jeans Cables, Audioquest Golden Gate Cables
Power Cables
Shunyata Taipan Helixes on Transport and preamp; Shunyata Black Mambas on power amps and DAC, Diamondback Platinums on everything else
AKG K-240
VTI racks
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra 4 with combination of Shunyata Taipan Helixes, Shunyata Black Mambas and Shunyata Python Helix from the wall.
Tuning and Tweaks
HiFi Tuning Premium Fuses in speakers, Preamp and Power Amps/DIY Quadratic Diffusor centered behind speakers/corner traps and Fabric wallhangings on back wall
Other Components
Dahlquist LP-1 Crossover, Custom (mid/hi) passive crossovers on Maggies using all Russian mylar caps from Musical Concepts. I-Fi I-Tube tube buffer.

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