Ned's place, a Two-channel Audio System by Reynolds853

Listening Room 2020
Room Size
13 x 18 x 8.5ft
System Overview
Dedicated 2-channel, streamed music.
Music Preferences
Ambient, Electronic, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, Fusion, World (and many others).
Room Description
Listing room and office.
Acoustic Treatment
Built around acoustic ratio. Heavy drywall construction. Basement location. Exposed beams and treated ceiling to avoid reflective surface above. DYI bass traps in front corners. Large diffuser on front wall is also bass trap. 3 dedicated power circuits. 20A service for Amp. Back wall is ladder-style bookcases. Experimented with more traps and even had fully louvered ceiling but took that out because it didn't add as much as hoped. Reduced the arch of the front diffuser/trap.
Listening Impressions
No clap echo in the room but still lively. I like tight bass. The speakers are placed very close to the front wall - I know that is usually a bad thing - but it sounds the best there. I think the traps a diffuser allow me to break some rules? There are other aspects to the room that may explain why it works?
Media Storage
Jriver server connected wireless via Aries Mini.
Digital Source
Aries Mini with PSU. BorderPatrol DAC SE
Power Amp
Musical Fidelity M6500
B&W 804 d3
Speaker Cable
Kimber Bi-Focals
Kimber Hero analog, Nordost Silver Shadow digital
Power Cables
Ice Age Audio full copper.
Nothing fancy. Lead shot filled 3 leg.
Tuning and Tweaks
Door stop on my DAC (weight)
Other Components
Upgraded outlets