Problematic Living Room, a Integrated A/V System by MattA

In room photo of my living room system. Speakers are Wharfedale Linton Heritage bought new in June 2020.
Room Size
550 sq ft with 9 foot ceilings, irregularly shaped with four open doorways/stair
System Overview
Two channel audio + TV system.
Music Preferences
Mostly Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classic rock, Alt-Rock Some Pop, some Rap, some Country, some "World" (as defined by non-US music). Very little in the way of classical, choral, etc.
Movie Preferences
Action, Rom-com, Sci-fi. Generally the "brain candy" "escape from reality" stuff. No horror. Nothing too heavy/violent, unless it is a documentary not intending to entertain.
Room Description
The room is an irregular shape with multiple open doorways to other rooms, resembling a fat "L". 9 foot ceilings. There is no place to put a classic speaker/seat triangle as all the wall segments are fairly short. As a consequence, imaging suffers. I can get imaging in near-field configurations (6-7 feet), but those are not sustainable from a layout/design/hygge perspective. A floorplan and more info is in my "Problematic Living Room" gallery.
Acoustic Treatment
Furniture and throw rugs.
Listening Impressions
Still on trial (speakers are new).
Media Storage
Hard disc and the Internet.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Playstation 4
ha ha ha
Satellite or Cable
Internet streaming
Video Display
Panasonic 55 inch plasma: P55ST50. One of the last good plasma TVs manufactured.
Digital Source
Music: Mac Mini running Roon. Video: Chromecast, Playstation 4.
Analog Source
NAD C390BEE with HDMI module installed (purchased new in 2013).
Wharfedale Linton Heritage (purchased new June 2020). Before that B&W PM1 bookshelves (purchased new in 2013).
Speaker Cable
Belden 5000UE, bare wire
Power Cables
A coffee table