Pursuit of Now, a Two-channel Audio System by pursuitofnow

Room Size
12 x 19
System Overview
Analog Thorens VN-150(2M Black) > ZP3-25th > ZSTAGE-25th Digital (Including TV) Apple TV > PS Audio DirectStream DAC > ZBIT Amplification ZSB Switch Box > ZROCK2-25th > SE84UFO3-25th Monoblocks Omega Super 3 HO XRS, DeepOmega 8 Cables Zenwave D4, ZSTYX, TWL Obsession Power Conditioning PI Audio Uberbuss, Digibuss
Music Preferences
Ambient, Jazz, Rock, Soul
Room Description
Main living room
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Excellent. Large soundstage, wide and deep. Makes the room feel much larger and close to a venue. Certain instruments on good recording sound very in the room. Overall great sense of space with the music and very 3d.
Digital Source
PS Audio Directstream
Analog Source
Thorens VN-150(2M Black), Decware ZP3-25th Anniversary mods
Decware ZSTAGE-25th Anniversary mods, Decware ZROCK II-25th Anniversary mods
Power Amp
Decware SE84UFO3-25th Anniversary Monoblocks
Omega Super 3 HO XRS (Real Walnut)
DeepOmega 8
Speaker Cable
Decware ZSTYX
Zenwave D4
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs Obsession
Core Audio Designs
Power Cond
PI Audio Uberbuss, Digibuss
Tuning and Tweaks
ISOAcoustics GAIA III under speakers