Nola Grand Reference DSP quad amp, a Two-channel Audio System by ekovalsky

Room Size
17' x 14.5' x 10'
System Overview
Nola Grand Reference loudspeakers, external factory passive crossvers replaced with eight channels of digital amplification incorporating room correction, equalization, phase/time alignment, and volume control. There are zero analog interconnects in this system!
Music Preferences
Female vocal, piano, celtic, rock.
Room Description
17' L x 14-1/2' W x 9-10' H with cove ceiling, carpet over concrete slab.
Acoustic Treatment
Acoustics First quarter round Geometrix bass traps and Respond wall panels (120 sq ft x 2") concealed by heavy drapery fabric on all walls.
Listening Impressions
Convincing reproduction of music.
Media Storage
1T RAID-5 array in remote PC, linked to Transporter via ethernet.
Other Comments
Probably at the end of the audiophile road... unless I get a much bigger room in which case I'd seriously consider the McIntosh XRT2K or the XRT1K (to be released soon) with the MC2KW amps. Nothing else I'e heard over the past several years has tempted me.
Digital Source
Logitech Transporter (Aberdeen mod)
Signal Processors
TacT RCS 2.2X (Aberdeen mod)
Power Amp
TacT S2150 x 4 (Aberdeen mod)
Nola Grand Reference
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen
Acoustic Zen
Power Cables
Michael Wolff
Power Cond
Running Springs Audio
Tuning and Tweaks
Acoustics First room treatments
Other Components
AudioControl CM-10 measurement mic, HP laptop for TACS software (free download at