Primary/FR, a Two-channel Audio System by rmdtexas

s 3-Be AT-spaltedbeech
Room Size
17ft wide, 30 long, 10ft ceilings
System Overview
Salk Song3 BeAT PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC PS Audio S300
Music Preferences
Varied. Mix of Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical (Shostakovich is favorite composer), Country, Blues, Jazz and Motown.
Room Description
Family Room attached to Kitchen. Ceilings are sloped on one side and on one end.
Acoustic Treatment
None yet. Quite a bit of furniture that soaks up sound.
Digital Source
Oppo 203, Roon/Tidal on server in separate room. Sonore microRendu/UltraDigital
PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC (SGCD)
Power Amp
PS Audio Stellar S300
Salk Song BeAT
Speaker Cable
AlphaCore Goertz MI2,
AlphaCore TQ2 silver XLR, wireworld starlight 8 spdif coax
Power Cables
Audioquest NRR-y3, Shunyata Venom HC
Mapleshade Samson